Summer & Winter collections

- Our design office equipped with CAD system creates exclusive patterns and stitch structures, thereby ensuring innovation, originality and personnalised products.
- Computer compatibility along with our knitting looms ensures the rapid development of prototypes.

- The choice of materials, colours and shapes by our styling department, brings harmony and refinement to each and every one of our products.
- The presentation of our collection by theme allows a large choice of co-ordinated items.
- The setting up of prototypes and the computerised pattern grading on Lectra systems give our products a "Made in France" quality.

- Thanks to high performance knitting machines, both rectilinear and circular, our technicians work out advanced plain stitches, Jacquards, sophisticated Intarsias and machine finishes on gauges varying from 12 to 8.

- Our products are exclusively made in France
- Our cutting room and manufacturing department are fully integrated
- Our quality control is exhaustive...
... this endows all our products with a great reactivity, a high and constant level of quality and a reliability in accordance with French Tradition...

- Our network of commercial agents established throughout France bring support and competence to our customers.
- We are also present at Paris "Prêt-à-porter" exhibitions.

- International exhibitions : Paris Prêt-à-porter, French Fashion Show Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, CPM Moscou.
- Commercial representatives in Belgium.


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